About không sao…

Hi.  I’m Ian Coxhead, a development economist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA, with strong interests in trade, labor, education, income distribution, poverty, economic growth and environment. Regionally, I specialize in Asian developing countries, especially Southeast Asia. I set up this blog because from time to time I want to share, vent, inform, argue, or ask questions about the things that interest me. It’s not all economics all the time (I do have a life!) but usually it’s economics stuff that gets me going enough that I want to actually write and/or post something. Không sao is a Vietnamese expression that translates roughly as “doesn’t matter.”

You can find out more about me at my professional website, here.



  1. Hi Ian, I think you should change the name to something that matters since many of what you’ve written are things that people should consider some of the issues raised here. There is a wealth of information and perspectives of development and economics that can be further explored.



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